fly fishing photography, fly fishing images
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Land of Little Rivers, Photographs by Enrico Ferorelli

Fly Fishing Photography, Fly Fishing Images

A Story in Photos of Catskill Fly Fishing

A stunning photographic portrait and rich, lucid narrative of the hallowed streams where American fly fishing had its beginnings.

The Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Neversink, Esopus, Schoharie and Delaware - the rivers of angling pioneers Thaddeus Norris, Robert Barnwell Roosevelt, Theodore Gordon, and many others - are celebrated in this gorgeous book of photographs and text. In three major sections, Land of Little Rivers presents historical and physical profiles of the rivers; classic rods, reels and flies; and engaging stories of the people, events and developments that constitute the Catskill fly fishing tradition.

Mr. Ferorelli has produced an exquisite, museum-quality work, one that captures magnificently the beauty and passion so central to the sport Izaak Walton called "the gentle art".


  • 280 pages
  • $100 hardcover
  • 9.625x13 inches
  • November 1999
  • 265 color photos, 55 duotones, 9 paintings & drawings, 10 color maps
  • Published by The Beaverkill Press
  • Printed in Verona, Italy, by Stamperia Valdonega
  • Distributed to bookstores by W.W. Norton & Co.
  • ISBN 0-393-04855-1

Enrico Ferorelli is a world-renowned photographer and regular contributor to National Geographic and magazines. Smithsonian magazines. Also an avid fly fisher, he and his wife Martha Saxton and their children Francesco and Josephine live in New York City and Norfolk, Connecticut.

Austin McK. Francis is a fly-fishing historian and a business communications consultant. He has written or edited four previous books on fly fishing. He and his wife Ross live in New York City and fly fish in the Catskill mountains, where they have a home in the Beaverkill valley.

The Catskill mountains are the Garden of Eden of American fly fishing and Austin McK. Francis's Land of little Rivers its Genesis - -    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Natural Resources Defense Council
Land of Little Rivers is a treasure, a beautiful book, eloquently, wonderfully written, and movingly illustrated - it will be an instant classic - -    Dan Rather, Anchor and Managing Editor, CBS News
This unique portrait of Catskill mountains and rivers reveals the stunning natural beauty and spirit of adventure that has inspired generations of anglers to lead in conserving this outstanding natural resource. A great book has been hatched here - -    Larry Rockefeller Conservationist
A sumptuous visual and verbal feast for all who would know the magic of Catskill rivers, and their textured traditions - -    Nick Lyons, Author, Chairman of The Lyons Press
Mac Francis has had a long love affair with the Beaverkill and its sister streams. Every page in Land of little Rivers - its photos, paintings, writings, but most of all Mac's reflections - is a celebration of passionate commitment. Anyone that shares his love of fly fishing and the speckled trout will revel in his portrayal of the beauty and history of our glorious sport - -    Paul Volcker, Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
I've lived and fished in the Catskills for twenty years, but only now, through these beautiful photographs and clear narrative, do I fully appreciate the importance of our angling heritage - -    Joan Wulff - Angler, Director of The Wolff Fishing School
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fly fishing photography, fly fishing images
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